GA4 Custom Event Tracking

Custom GA4 events setup made ridiculously easy.

Save yourself from endless coding hours. Set up custom events without writing a single line of code with Tagmate Tracker.

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How it works?


Point to web element

Click on any element on your website that you want to track with our powerful CSS selector.


Configure GA4 event

Enter and save the custom GA4 event and its details.


Push to GTM

And it's done!

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Track any user interaction

Create custom events in Google Analytics with just one click for any element on your website like

CTA Button Click
Form Submission Events
Custom Events with Datalayers
Web Element Impressions and more

Zero-code analytics tracking

Just point to any element on your website and Tagmate creates an event automatically. Both GA versions supported.

Universal Analytics
Google Analytics 4

Cross-platform compatible

Tagmate tracker easily integrates with all website platforms. Be it

Web3, or any other.

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Confirmed from my analyst, this is a good tool
I will not write long review for this tool because I have not so well about all the details. But I can write what my Google data analyst told me when I told him to check this tool and give me feedback. This can help to agency? And the answer is '' What a great tool! it can help a lot."
Ongun Çakal
Agency Owner, Vlanderon
One of a kind deal. Best for marketing campaigns tracking
Been purchasing tons of software products, but this one’s a great time saver. Our marketing campaigns were slowed down due to GTM time-consuming mapping process but with this, I’ve been able to save more than 70% time & reduced dependencies on tech people.
Per-Kristian Spydevold
Online Store Manager, Handshake Corporation
Your One Stop Shop for All Your Google Tag Manager Needs
I was on the search for a better way to create GA4 event tags in GTM. Founded my solution in Tagmate, which made it a few click process to build fully functional tags for tracking form submissions and sending hits to my GA4 property.
Brandon Burns
Web Developer, MARCOMM Inc.
If you are serious about marketing success
This tool greatly increases the speed and reduces the cost of developing data tracking on your website and landing pages. I love this compared to doing it manually. Must have to succeed at marketing or if you are managing advertising budgets.
Chris Tucker
Owner, Digital Beacon
Conversion Tracking Made Easy with Tagmate
I love Tagmate because: 1) It simplifies the steps and makes tracking so easy that it literally only rakes a few clicks. 2) The founder, Ram, goes extra mile to help me and answer all my queries!
Gideon Leong
CEO, Advergreen Digital


What is Tagmate Tracker?

Tagmate Tracker is a chrome extension by Tagmate. It is included in all plans of Tagmate. With Tagmate Tracker, you can set-up any custom UA or custom GA4 event without coding.

All you need to do is click on the website element you want to track and it will be automatically created in Google Tag Manager.

What type of website elements can Tagmate Tracker track?

All website elements like CTA, outbound link clicks, form submission, and many others.

You can even set-up custom events with datalayer.

Can I set-up custom events in Google Analytics with Tagmate Tracker?

Yes. You can set-up custom UA as well as custom GA4 events with Tagmate Tracker.

Still have questions? Check our how to videos or send us a text at