Digital data governance made absolutely simple.

Introducing our groundbreaking data governance tool. Now cut-down on tedious and time-consuming manual QA process. And boost your campaign ROI with accurate data insights.

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Your data is

If you have been through any of these...

Your analytics reports show inaccurate or missing data... and you are not confident about making data-driven decisions.
You have not created event taxonomy before implementing events... and now your team is finding it difficult to audit the events created.
Your QA team spends hours manually testing data after each release... but you still find inconsistency in the data being collected.
You have set up lots of tags and cookies on your website... and you are not sure if these are compliant with privacy policies or not.

End-to-End Digital Data Governance

From automated tag audit to privacy compliance monitoring.

Tag Audit

Ensure accurate data collection for your website and app with Debugger chrome extension. Scan for any faulty implementation of tags like

  • Missing tags
  • Broken tags
  • Duplicate tags

DataLayer Audit

Go beyond just tag audit with our powerful Debugger chrome extension. Double-check for correct implementation of datalayer snippet like

  • Presence of datalayer object
  • Variables and values fired or not
  • Variables fired and values collected as per the schema or not

Taxonomy Creation

Get rid of inconsistent tagging with event taxonomy creation. And gain complete control over your data collection mechanism of

  • Event parameter
  • User property
  • Triggering condition

Performance Monitoring

Optimize performance of your tags with our health check audit. Stay a step ahead with our real-time reports and get regular alerts in case of any

  • Broken tags
  • Missing parameters
  • Faulty datalayer

Privacy Compliance

Stay compliant with privacy policies like GDPR and CCPA. Audit your digital assets for

  • Cookie governance
  • PII scan
  • Consent check

Why Debugger?

We ask, why not?


Be assured of your data quality. Automated quality checks leave no chance of human error ensuring 100% accurate data.


Now make business decisions with confidence. Reliable analytics reports generate data insights you can count on.


Stop draining your money on resources. You don't have to be dependent anymore on consultants for data quality assurance and creating event taxonomy.


Automate your quality assurance process. Cut-down on hours spend on manually testing tags and save hours' worth of time.





Made for non-coders.

Ditch the tech team and set up web tags on your own. Just pick a tracking template and push it to GTM!

Bug-free data.

Secure 100% data accuracy with error-free tag implementation. Plus, keep an eye on the data with 24/7 tag monitoring.

Lightning fast.

Click, pick and push from 40+ templates like add-to-cart, form tracking, scroll-tracking, and others.

Light on your wallet.

Starts at as low as $49/month. No need to invest in agencies and developers for your tracking needs.

Data privacy? Of course!

We don’t store your data. Tagmate is GDPR and CCPA compliant. Your safe and secure tag management tool.

Collaboration made easy.

Bring in your team members and get more work done in less time. Keep your entire team in loop with real-time updates.

Be one of the first to try it!

Be a part of our cutting-edge technology and revolutionize the way you conduct data governance audits.

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Is the Debugger free?

Yes! Currently, we are providing free access to beta version of Debugger for 30 days. This offer is for a limited time only.

Which features are available in the private beta?

Tag Audit, DataLayer Audit, and Taxonomy Creation are available for now. Other features like Performance Monitoring and Privacy Compliance would be available by the end of June 2023.

With our private beta, you can audit your current tag structure to see if all your tags, events, and datalayers are implemented correctly. Or if you don’t have any event catalog/structure, our private beta empowers you to create an event taxonomy for your digital platforms.

What is the Debugger chrome extension?

Debugger’s chrome extension simplifies the audit of your website data. With our chrome extension, you can audit your tags, events, and datalayers on your website conveniently by just clicking on the events.

Do you want detailed real-time logs of all your tags?

Then don’t wait any longer… Add the extension to chrome for detailed, accurate, and effective testing and debugging of your website events.

Which digital platforms are supported by Debugger?

Debugger currently supports website data governance. We’re actively working on app data governance and will be launching shortly.

Still have questions? Send us a text at

Want to know more about Debugger?

Get in touch with our Product Owner to understand how you can make the most out of our private beta to drive your business forward.

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