Tagmate Versioning

Tagmate V9.1
  • Share Project Functionality.
  • A project management feature that differentiates your own and shared projects.
Tagmate V9.0
  • User Management for agencies
  • Push template to multiple data destinations
  • Cross Domain tracking
Tagmate V8.0
  • Tagmate Tracker - Support for Custom events (data layer), Form submit and link clicks.
  • Shopify specific data layers support eCommerce tracking.
  • Form Submission Templates redesign to support users.
Tagmate V7.1
  • Multiple push of template in same container
Tagmate V7.0
  • New Onboarding flow for App and Extension
  • Page view SPA improvements
  • eCommerce Template flow improvements
Tagmate V6.1
  • Marketing Templates - Facebook Pixel Implementation
Tagmate V6.0
  • Marketing Templates - Google Ads Implementation
Tagmate V5.1
  • Page view event improvements
  • UI components optimization
  • One Container Project flow
  • Multiple Projects
Tagmate V5.0
  • Tagmate Tracker for GA/GA4 - Click Event, Element Visibility and page view
Tagmate V4.1
  • Form Submissions and field tracking improvements
  • Pre-built template flow changes
Tagmate V4.0
  • Form Tracking for GA4
  • eCommerce Tracking for GA4
  • Page engagement for GA4
  • Video and technology templates for GA4
Tagmate V3.2
  • Custom Task config in Migration
  • User scoped dimension to be added automatically in user property
  • Auto suggestion of parameter values
Tagmate V3.1
  • Video and technology templates for GA3
Tagmate V3.0
  • New UI and onboarding flow
  • eCommerce Templates for GA3
  • Form Submission Templates for GA3
Tagmate V2.0
  • GA3 to GA4 Migration
Tagmate V1.0
  • Tagmate project creation and standard templates