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Deal valid till 10 December, 2023

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Everything About Tagmate

Tagmate UA to GA4 Migrator - Migrate your UA tags to GA4 with one click | Product Hunt
Tagmate UA to GA4 Migrator - Migrate your UA tags to GA4 with one click | Product Hunt
Tagmate is a GTM (Google Tag Manager) automation tool built to set up 100% accurate analytics tags and marketing pixels as well as debug them.
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Set up GA4 tags in seconds with 40+ templates
Configure Meta Ads and Google Ads conversion pixels using client-side or server-side tagging
Create GA4 custom events with Chrome Extension
Debug your GA4 implementation for websites and mobile apps

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How is Tagmate different from GTM implementation?

A very good question. Generally, a product/ web analyst first identifies the website elements and events they need to track in GA. H/she creates and documents the events schema to ensure high analytics data quality before sharing with the developer in Excel/ Sheets. The developer now goes through the tracking setup process of writing datalayer codes, creating variables, tags, triggers and QA in GTM and GA.

After a decade of GA implementations, we have figured out there are scores of such event tracking needs that can be fairly automated on top of GTM right from standard codes to tags and triggers creation with 100% accuracy. An analyst can install these predefined tracking templates on their own with zero or limited developer dependency and save hours of effort and money. They don’t even need to login to GTM. In short, Tagmate is automation of your GTM setup, but not an alternative.

Our customer data is sensitive and confidential. How do we ensure it’s protection while using Tagmate?

Relax, your customer data is safe. Tagmate does not do event logging when the GTM container is published. The only data that gets stored in Tagmate servers are the templates and user defined parameters, if any that you have activated and pushed to GTM. This is to ensure there is no duplication of same event tracking templates and to maintain high analytics data quality. We comply with all policy guidelines listed here.

Once you have deactivated your Tagmate account, we will delete all the projects and configurations except your user profile details. The latter is only to re-engage you with our boring or quirky blogs and newsletters, obviously with your consent.

What are the pre-requisites of using Tagmate?

a) You need to have edit/publish access to your GTM container which Tagmate will authorize and connect for all implementation or migration activities.

b) You need to have a basic understanding of how GTM works and publish containers for active data collection.

c) Additionally, for UA to GA4 migration, if you need to list UA custom dimensions in Tagmate, you will also need to have edit access to your GA property.

Is this deal refundable?

Yes, the deal is refundable. We understand that circumstances may change, and we want to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. You have the option to request a refund within 10 days from the date of your purchase.

Why do I have to pay for cloud infrastructure every month separately?

While Tagmate offers an unlimited deal, it's important to note that the cloud infrastructure used to host your data is provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP is a separate service, not directly integrated with Tagmate.

As a result, Google charges a monthly fee (starting from $29/mo for 50K hits) based on the usage and resources consumed by your data hosted on their platform. This fee is separate from the pricing of Tagmate and is determined by Google Cloud Platform.

What if I need more implementation support?

Being a low-code/no-code platform, Tagmate is an easy to use tool with a shallow learning curve.

If you need additional implementation support beyond the mentioned time, it is chargeable at $50/hour.

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