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Tagmate: Angle One Case Study

web tagging with 100% accuracy

Tagmate saves development time and improves first party data quality by automating setup of analytics & marketing tags on your website with 24/7 monitoring.

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82% time efficiency with Tagmate

Read how Tagmate saved 82% development efforts during tag migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

About Us

What's Tagmate?

We all know that tracking hundreds of interactions across multiple domains is challenging.

So we built Tagmate! A powerful SaaS tool that automates tag management for you with pre-built industry templates.

Tagmate Tag Mangement Process

Implement and Migrate Tags
Quick & Easy

Tagmate syncs with your GTM account seamlessly to give you a smooth implementation and migration experience for your analytics and marketing tags

Before Tagmate
After Tagmate
Before Tagmate : Traditional GTM setup processAfter Tagmate : Modern GTM setup process
!  Takes more than 3-6 hours to setup tracking GTM

!  GTM expert manually creates variables, triggers and tags in GTM

!  Manually configures custom dimensions for data collection in Google Analytics.
✔  Takes less than 5 min to set up tracking in the Tagmate App

✔  No manual process to configure variables, triggers and tags in GTM (automation)

  Auto-configures custom dimensions for data collection in GA.
Tagmate Tag Management Process
Select the Template from TagmateAdd the user inputs in tagmateCopy tagmate datalayer snippet to website codePush it to GTM
Select the relevant pre-built tracking template from the list
Add all the user inputs as
required in your template
Copy datalayer snippet
to website code
Push it to Google Tag Manager
and done

Tagmate is designed for

Confused Marketeer
I need to implement Google Ads marketing pixels on my website in a matter of minutes
My team needs to automate the tag management process
We are not getting conversion data from our Facebook conversion pixel
Confused Developers
Most of the implementation in my Google Tag Manager container is messed up
I need to migrate my existing UA tags to the new GA4 tags error-free
There are too many bugs in the existing data layer codes and we need 24/7 monitoring
Confused Product Manager
I need to implement tags on my E-commerce store website without the help of tech
It is taking too much time to implement analytics tracking on my site manually
I do not know what all tracking opportunities are possible and where to start from

Experience the magic of Tagmate today


Tagmate Modules

Take advantage of pre-built templates across three modules to speed up tag implementation or migration.

Universal Analytics

This module allows you to implement fresh Universal Analytics by selecting predefined industry templates for specific events like ecommerce funnels, lead-form tracking, scroll tracking, video views and more, on your website.

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UA to GA4

If you have an existing Universal Analytics setup, and you are looking to migrate to GA4, this module is for you. It allows you to migrate UA pageview and event tags to GA4 with speed and accuracy in just a few clicks!

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Google Analytics 4

This module allows you to implement Google’s latest version of analytics, Google Analytics 4. You can select predefined industry templates for specific events and implement them swiftly on your website. 

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Tagmate Tracker for GA/GA4 Events (Chrome Extension)

This Chrome extension allows you to track any user interaction on your website by mouse click on the page elements and save as Google Analytics (GA3 and GA4) events tags.

Coming Soon
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Google Ads Marketing Pixels Setup

If you are a SEM specialist or work in a marketing agency, this module will enable you to configure Google Ads conversion and remarketing pixels (for sales purchases, leads, custom goals) on the website and attribute to paid campaigns.

Coming Soon
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Facebook Ads Marketing Pixels Setup

If you are a Facebook media specialist or work in a marketing agency, this module will enable you to track and attribute conversion events for sales purchases, add to cart, lead, contact, start trial and custom events to paid Facebook campaigns.

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100% Accurate

Reduced Human Errors

By using predefined standardized industry templates, Tagmate reduces human errors in data layer development and tag configuration by an order of magnitude.

Tagmate Reduces Human Errors

Quick & easy

Setup in Few Clicks

Forget the laborious effort required in migrating tags manually. Tagmate’s migration module saves you a ton of time and sets up in just a few clicks!

Tagmate Setup in Clicks

Cost Effective

Saves Cost & Improves Productivity

By negating human errors and standardizing tag implementation, Tagmate saves huge costs of manpower.

Tagmate saves tag management costs

You are in good Company

Mrinal Nidhi Tagmate

"UA to GA4 migration feature of Tagmate saved a great deal of time and effort. With Tatvic's team support, we were able to perform the tedious and error prone migration tasks using Tagmate and got the desired results in a few clicks for more than 20 of our tags.

Recommend the product!"

Mrinal Nidhi
Chief Manager (Martech & Analytics)

Right Arrow
Vijay Anand Tagmate

Being one of the best local services marketplace in India, Sulekha aims to provide their users an outstanding experience which will help them make confident decisions by evaluating available services. Datalayer automation tool (Tagmate) was a crucial tool which helped us increase the speed & accuracy of data collection process by 30%. It is a must for someone who is looking for enterprise-level analytics implementations.

Vijay Anand
Vice President (Strategy and Analytics)

Left ArrowRight Arrow

How Angel One saved 82% migration effort hours with Tagmate

With the help of Tagmate, Angel One’s tag migration from UA to GA4 was performed in 1.5 hours as against 8 hours of an otherwise manual effort

Tagmate so Far

Migrated Over
6000+ tags.







Simple & Straightforward Pricing

Growth Plan
$ 79
1 Website
10 Pre-built Industry
Templates (GA & GA4)
Complete UA to GA4 Migration
Event Builder with Chrome Extension (upto 50 Events)
Email Support
Professional Plan
$ 299
5 Websites
Unlimited Pre-built Industry
Templates (GA & GA4)
Complete UA to GA4 Migration
Event Builder with
Chrome Extension (Unlimited)
Email Support & Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tagmate?


Tagmate is a SaaS product to set up most of your web tracking requirements of Google Analytics (GA3/ GA4) by automating the Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation process in a few clicks. There are 40+ predefined industry templates like ecommerce add to cart, page scroll tracking, lead form submission tracking, page load time tracking and more. If you have an existing UA/ GA3 setup and want to migrate your tags to the new GA4, Tagmate functions seamlessly and with 100% accuracy. 

Our team has built Tagmate from the ground up as we were trying to make the lives of our internal web analytics and development teams easier. We are open to critical feedback and we will strive to improve the time value of Tagmate in your daily operations.

How can I use Tagmate?


For setting up event tags and marketing pixels using GTM for your GA account, you will need to connect your GTM and GA accounts with the Tagmate web app. You can opt to implement UA tags or new GA4 tags or even migrate from UA to GA4 with ease. Tagmate has a repository of predefined templates relevant to your tracking needs which you can push to GTM in existing or new containers or share code snippets with your developers.

One last step, Tagmate does not publish your GTM container directly; so you can review the configurations once in GTM before going live with data tracking. If you face any issues/ bugs during the process, click the Support tab within Tagmate product or email us at and we will turn around at the earliest.

What's the use of Tagmate Tracker Chrome Extension?


With Tagmate's Chrome Extension, we are enabling our customers to track any user interaction on their websites by mouse click on the page elements and save it as Google Analytics (GA3 and GA4) events tags. This is as fast as tagging can happen without writing a single piece of code with high accuracy.

User interactions can be in the form of click events, pageviews, element visibility, form and video tracking, etc. While the Tagmate main app helps in tracking standard and recommended events using pre-built templates , this Chrome extension opens up all custom tracking opportunities irrespective of your web technologies/frameworks and CMS platforms.

So, why wait - add the extension to Chrome and speed up your development sprints and achieve your tagging milestones!

How is Tagmate different from GTM implementation?


A very good question. Generally, a product/ web analyst first identifies the website elements and events they need to track in GA. H/she creates and documents the events schema to ensure high analytics data quality before sharing with the developer in Excel/ Sheets. The developer now goes through the tracking setup process of writing datalayer codes, creating variables, tags, triggers and QA in GTM and GA. 

After a decade of GA implementations, we have figured out there are scores of such event tracking needs that can be fairly automated on top of GTM right from standard codes to tags and triggers creation with 100% accuracy. An analyst can install these predefined tracking templates on their own with zero or limited developer dependency and save hours of effort and money. They don’t even need to login to GTM. In short, Tagmate is automation of your GTM setup, but not an alternative.

What are the pre-requisites of using Tagmate?


a) You need to have edit/publish access to your GTM container which Tagmate will authorize and connect for all implementation or migration activities.

b) You need to have a basic understanding of how GTM works and publish containers for active data collection.

c) Additionally, for UA to GA4 migration, if you need to list UA custom dimensions in Tagmate, you will also need to have edit access to your GA property.

Our customer data is sensitive and confidential. How do we ensure it’s protection while using Tagmate?


Relax, your customer data is safe. Tagmate does not do event logging when the GTM container is published. The only data that gets stored in Tagmate servers are the templates and user defined parameters, if any that you have activated and pushed to GTM. This is to ensure there is no duplication of same event tracking templates and to maintain high analytics data quality. We comply with all policy guidelines listed here

Once you have deactivated your Tagmate account, we will delete all the projects and configurations except your user profile details. The latter is only to re-engage you with our boring or quirky blogs and newsletters, obviously with your consent.

How do I purchase Tagmate?


You can purchase Tagmate by choosing one of the pricing options listed on the website. Don’t worry, we will not ask for a credit card to begin your 30-day free trial and we will remind you to support our enthusiastic team (actually, add credit card details or Paypal account) once the trial period gets over. 

A request, we will disturb you once in a while to collect your feedback on your product experience and functionalities. You can click on the blue colored Feedback sticky bar on the right side of the screen. You can also write to us at

Still have questions? Check our how to videos or email us at


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