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Conversion Tracking

Top 6 benefits of Implementing Facebook Pixel on your website in 2023

March 22, 2023
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Facebook Pixel is one of the most important third-party cookies as it has the potential to reach 2.11 billion people while a billion people scroll through Instagram on a daily basis.

It allows advertisers to track user actions on the website after clicking on a Facebook/Instagram ad and across the internet for optimizing ad campaigns.

But, there’s more to Facebook pixels than what appears on the face value. In this article, I have compiled the top six advantages of implementing Facebook Pixel on your website in case you still haven’t done so.

Let’s begin:

What is Meta / Facebook pixel?

It is JavaScript code that enables you to track visitor actions, behavior, and activity on your website. This JavaScript code needs to be installed on your website.

Three ways to track conversion with Pixel:

  • Standard Events: Actions that Facebook has defined and that you can use it. Check the full list of the Facebook standard event here.
  • Custom events: Actions that you defined and that you report by calling a pixel.
  • Custom Conversions: Actions that are tracked automatically by parsing the website’s referrer URL

What is Facebook conversion tracking?

Facebook provides Meta Pixel to track a website’s user/visitor’s action which is known as conversion tracking. Tracked conversion will appear on your Facebook ads manager and event manager.

Let’s explore the benefits of Facebook conversion tracking:

1. Basic Tracking

You can implement basic tracking of your website very easily. User standard events to track and most of your requirements shall be covered.

2. Conversion tracking

Let's say you run Facebook ads on Facebook and after action on the ad your user redirects to your page and purchases something or let's say shows interest in a product by viewing product information, this bit of journey is very important to track to optimize your marketing effort. Facebook Pixel enables you to track conversions.

3. Retargeting

Facebook retargeting pixel and dynamic ads allow you to show targeted ads to people who have visited that product already on the website.

4. Optimizing Facebook ads campaign

The most important part of your marketing expenditure whether you do performance marketing or any other method of digital marketing then you preferer to have ROAS (return on ad spend). hence, you will have exact data or insight that which of your ad campaign runs great or poorly, and based on that you will have insight into what will exactly work and what not.

5. Build Custom Audience

You can build a custom target audience. Users/ visitors who visit your website and perform a specific action and if you wanted to retarget them then you can build a custom audience into it.

6. Cross-device conversions

Measuring cross-device conversions is a great way to keep track of audiences when they are using different devices. For instance, while waiting at the doctor’s office you see an ad for a product on your feed. Will this potential customer purchase right on the spot? Most likely not. However, later that evening this potential customer goes on a desktop device and purchases the product. With the Facebook Pixel, you can keep track of such activity amongst different devices.

Wrap Up

Thus, right from tracking website conversions to creating retargeting audiences and optimizing ads on the basis of past performance to tracking custom conversions, Facebook Pixel plays a crucial role in your digital advertising strategy.

Want to set up Facebook Pixel on your website then do it with a code solution where you do not require the help of a developer, try the Tagmate App!

Top questions people ask about Server Side Tagging
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