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How to Track Forms using Form Submit Method in Google Analytics 4

March 16, 2023
Google Analytics 4 Migration Via Tagmate

One of the biggest reasons for creating websites with the help of a content management system like WordPress is the widely available support and external tools for pretty much everything. However, it is not always the best decision and hence, a lot of people opt for custom build websites.

If you are not using any platform like WordPress for your website, marketing analytics can become one of the biggest challenges for your team. Even the basic activities like tracking forms turn challenging and thus, we decided to create a step-by-step guide to cover form tracking using the form submit method in Google Analytics 4.

Let’s begin:

How to check that my website has form created using default submit method?

Method 1: Inspect the form

Step 1: Open your website

Open your website by entering the URL into a web browser.

Step 2: Go to your form

Go to the form on your website and open it.

Step 3: Start Inspect element

Right-click on the webpage and click on ‘Inspect’

  • Right-click on the webpage and click on Inspect'.

  • Click on the locator icon in ‘element’

  • Locate the entire form OR any element of the form

  • Go to the <form> element code and check the value = submit

  • If there is an ‘input’ element having type and value is ‘submit’ then your form is built with the default form ‘submit’ method

Method 2 : Check using google tag manager

Step 1: Sign in with your Google Tag Manager

(If you don’t have a GTM account then you can open it from HERE)

Step 2: Open Workspace (Default workspace)

Step 3: Click on “Trigger” and “New”

Step 4: Give trigger name and click on space

Step 5: Select “Form submission” from the trigger type list

Step 6: Click on the “Save” button

Step 7: Go to Variables and Check all as per below

Click on a variable, then click on Configure button of ‘Built-in variables’ and check all ‘Forms’ type

Step 8: Star Preview mode

Important Tip
Before starting preview mode, makes sure that the GTM container code must be inserted in your website’s HTML file after <Head> element. Don’t know how to do this? Click here to learn it

Step 9: Enter your website and click on “Connect”

Step 10: Click on “continue” on the same page.

Step 11: Go to your website (must be in testing mode) and submit the form.

Your website must be in testing mode ( a tag assistant box must appear) and Submit the form.

Step 12: Check Form Submit an event.

Hence data layer pushed through event gtm.sumbit and event is eithter gtm.formsubmit OR Form Submit then this form is created with default ‘submit’ method of HTML.

Track default form submission using Tagmate in Google analytics 4

⚠️ We will track the same form using Tagmate which is mentioned in method-2

What is Tagmate?
Tagmate is a SaaS tool for web tagging, It automates web creation which is a complex and lengthy task in Google Tag Manager. Tagmate saves development time and improves first-party data quality by automating the setup of analytics & marketing tags on your website with 24/7 monitoring.

Let’s Track the above form using Tagmate!

Step 1: Open your Tagmate app

Step 2: Select OR Add a new GTM account

Step 3: Create a project OR use existing

Dashboard> Click on 'Launch Project OR

Go to Project Option (left navigation) > Click “Add new” button

Step 4: Create Project

Provide project name > Select Platform > Set GTM workspace 4> Enter Measurement ID > click “Create”

Do not how to get a Measurement ID, Please visit Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

Step 5: Open your Tagmate app

Select the project > click “ Select”

Step 6: Click on “add new” on the dashboard

Step 7: Go to “Form Submission” > Click “Push to GTM”

Step 8: Select “default form submit” > Click on “select method”

Step 9: Provide Form name

Enter form name > click on “Next”

Step 10: Provide Triggering Condition and Click “Push to GTM”

Step 11: Check the Tag in your GTM

Step 12: Follow the preview mode steps as mentioned in method 2

Step 13: check-in Google Analytics

Wrap Up

While the standard GTM-based method would take at least half an hour, you can enable form tracking through the form submit method for your custom-coded website in just five minutes with the help of Tagmate.

Isn’t that amazing?

Tagmate is web tagging software that makes your life easy no matter if you are a marketing analytics professional or a small business owner.

Learn more about Tagmate

Top questions people ask about Server Side Tagging
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