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Best Black Friday-Cyber Monday SaaS Deals

Best Black Friday-Cyber Monday SaaS Deals

4 min read
November 3, 2023

Out of the total websites in the world, more than 40% are built using WordPress. That’s a huge number for any CMS platform and hence, there is a great chance that your website is built using WordPress. Also, you probably use the WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin for your website's contact us form.

So tracking of WordPress contact form 7 is extremely important.

We will show two ways to track WordPress contact form 7

  • Traditional Google tag manager way that would take a lot of time.
  • and Tagmate way! ( No Code set up and fast way) 😲
Key Takeaways
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The biggest sales event of the year is nearly here - Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. And for SaaS and software, no discounts compare to those available during BFCM. To make sure you don't miss out on the biggest SaaS bargains of the year, we've compiled this definitive list of the top 40+ deals available at BFCM. 

From huge savings on essential tools like CRM and HR software to cuts on collaboration, marketing, and more, these deals offer unbeatable value. Read on to save big on the SaaS subscriptions your business needs this BFCM. Plus, act fast - the best deals won't last long!

Marketing Analytics Tools


Tagmate is a marketing analytics and tag management platform built for marketers and web developers. It simplifies the process of deploying, migrating, and managing analytics, marketing, and advertising tags without coding. 

Tagmate provides 40+ ready-to-use Google Analytics 4 tag templates, supports data layers, server-side tagging, and ensures accurate collection. It makes it easy to set up and maintain analytics and tracking tags as per evolving business requirements.

Deal: 66% off annual plans + 100 hours free GA4 consultation

Coupon Code: TagmateBFCM23


Churn360 is the key to reducing customer churn and boosting Customer Lifetime Value for SMBs and Enterprise SaaS businesses. With unified data, predictive analytics, and automated plays, your customer success operations will thrive. Elevate your customer retention game with Churn360 now.

Deal: Get upto 40% off on annual plans!

Validity: December 15, 2023

SmartReach is a sales engagement platform that helps you reach prospects across multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, and calls. It also has a shared inbox for team collaboration, AI content recommendations, and integrations with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms. This makes it easy to send personalized outreach messages, track progress, and streamline your workflow so you can focus on selling. Whether you want to grow your brand, find new customers, or keep existing ones happy, has the right tools for successful marketing.

Deal: 20% Off on All Annual Plans for the First Year using code: SMARTREACH20BF2023

Content Creation Tools


Narrato offers a wide range of AI and automation tools to simplify the process of content creation and marketing. It is not your typical AI content generation tool; instead, it provides a complete workspace where you can leverage AI and automation for ideation, creation, collaboration, and publishing.

One of the standout features of Narrato is its ability to significantly speed up content production, saving valuable time and resources. With Narrato, you can produce content up to 5-10 times faster, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Deal: 30% off for the first year on Narrato Workspace plans

Coupon Code: BFCM23NRT

Document 360

Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base platform enabling the creation of a robust self-service knowledge base catering to both external customers and internal users. The new AI Concierge, Eddy serves as a sophisticated AI-driven search expert equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enabling users to find information quickly and accurately.

Leveraging its user-friendly configuration options, you can effortlessly produce various resources like user guides, internal wikis, frequently asked questions (FAQs), standard operating procedures, and user manuals. 

Furthermore, it offers Private hosting and API documentation features as optional. Document36 seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms, including Intercom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zapier, and many others.

Deal: Save upto 50% on all annual plans

Validity: 6th Nov - 8th Dec 2023

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2023 


Podcastle is an AI-powered software for seamless content creation! Record, edit, and host audio/video effortlessly. Features include voice cloner, noise remover, remote recording, and collaboration tools—everything to enhance your content, all in one place!

Deal: Podcastle offers  25% OFF on ALL PREMIUM PLANS, including Storyteller, Pro, and multi-user Teams plans.

Validity: 21st Nov -27th Nov 2023

Coupon Code: TDAYPOD01


Placeit is a graphic design and branding platform that makes it easy for anyone to create professional looking logos, videos, banners, mockups, and other visual assets in minutes with no design experience required. It offers access to a massive library of over 50,000 templates created by professional designers across various categories. 

Users can customize the templates easily by tweaking colors, texts, images, and other elements as per their brand style. Placeit also offers advanced editing features, support for multiple file formats, and collaboration capabilities. The platform empowers businesses and marketers to quickly produce all the visuals they need for ads, social media, presentations, merchandise, and more in a few clicks.

Deal 1: 50% off on annual plans for Cyber Week

Validity: November 20-27, 2023

Deal 2: 25% off for new users on monthly plans  


Stripo is an interactive email design software that makes creating beautiful, customized emails easy, quick and efficient. It provides access to 1500+ responsive email templates and a wide range of design tools like image editor, banners generator, tables builder, etc. right within the editor. The platform enables email designers to incorporate dynamic content, animations, countdowns, buttons, and other interactive elements to grab attention.

Stripo seamlessly integrates with all major email service providers, allowing designers to push their emails to ESPs in a single click. The software cuts email production time by 60% on average.

Deal: 50% off annual Medium and Pro plans

Coupon Code: BFSTRIPOJfiP6B  


Writecream is an AI-powered SaaS platform that offers exceptional text, voice, and image generation capabilities. It allows users to produce all kinds of text content like articles, stories, social media posts, ads, emails, and more in seconds. 

Writecream also provides high-quality, human-like AI neural voices to create podcasts, YouTube voiceovers, telephony applications, and more. Additionally, it offers DALL-E integration to generate brand-relevant images for blogs, ads, social media, presentations, etc.

Deal: 20% off unlimited monthly and annual plans

Coupon Code: WRITE20


Airbrush is a user-friendly text-to-image generation tool that converts thoughts and captions into stunning visual artworks and detailed image descriptions. Users can simply enter a text prompt and Airbrush will automatically generate a corresponding high-quality image showcasing the message creatively.

Beyond text-to-image generation, Airbrush also offers capabilities like image upscaling, creating presentation and blog title images, and more. The platform empowers non-designers to effortlessly produce captivating visuals for ads, social media, blogs etc.

Deal: Lifetime access for one-time price of $29  

Content Optimization Tools


Scalenut is an AI-based SEO and content marketing platform designed to help businesses improve organic traffic, leads and sales. It offers a comprehensive suite of SEO and content optimization tools that automate time-consuming manual processes.

Key features include AI-powered content creation and recommendations, NLP-based content analyzer, topic clustering, backlink analysis, rank tracking, landing page optimization, and more. Scalenut provides intelligent insights and suggestions to boost content performance.

Deal: 60% lifetime discount on annual plans + free Udemy course


Seodity is an end-to-end SEO platform designed to help businesses maximize online visibility and improve search rankings. Its key capabilities include extensive keyword research, daily rank tracking, comprehensive website auditing, backlink analysis, competition tracking, and custom reporting.  

Seodity offers detailed insights into a website's SEO health and performance. It also provides intelligent suggestions to fix issues and implement optimization best practices. The platform is packed with powerful tools to streamline SEO operations.

Deal: 50% lifetime discount on all plans

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022


Mailmodo is a complete email marketing software that helps marketers create app-like experiences in email without coding. Mailmodo helps businesses build and scale their email automation engine with an intuitive visual builder that has drag and drop workflows to automate time-based drip series.

They make checking responsiveness for different devices easy and have an in-built open rate suggestions feature to fix errors in an email before sending it.

Deal: 20% off on annual subscription plans*

Terms and Conditions:• Offer valid between 25th-30th November 2023 GMT.• Application only on annual payments, not monthly.• Applicable only to new customers.


UserGuiding is a product adoption platform that helps SaaS and web platforms to deliver interactive onboarding and in-app training experiences. It enables businesses to quickly create and embed product walkthroughs, tooltips, checklists, and resource centers without coding. 

The platform provides guidance based on user behavior to improve onboarding and drive adoption. UserGuiding seamlessly integrates with popular web and SaaS applications through its developer-friendly SDKs. It helps companies onboard and engage users while reducing churn.

Deal: 50% off all annual and monthly plans

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY22


Newoldstamp is an email signature management platform built to help marketing and sales teams effortlessly create, update, and deploy consistent, professional email signatures network-wide. 

It provides intuitive email signature templates and an image editor to customize signatures with logos, images, stylized texts, dynamic content, and CTAs. Newoldstamp makes it easy to ensure brand consistency and drive traffic or leads through email signatures. It also offers advanced tracking and performance analytics.

Deal: 25% off any plan for all future payments  

Coupon Code: BF2023NOS

Website Design/Hosting Tools 


Pixpa is an easy-to-use, no-code website builder ideal for beginners with no coding skills. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and various pre-made templates to create portfolios, online stores, blogs, and business websites quickly without any development help.

Key features include built-in ecommerce capabilities, blogs, galleries, forms, customer logins, mailing lists, SEO optimization, social integrations, and hundreds of customizable design elements. Pixpa also offers reliable and secure managed hosting and CDN for all sites.

Deal: 50% off annual plans

60% off biannual plans

Coupon Code: BLFPIXPA50


POWR is a suite of over 60 affordable, easy-to-use WordPress plugins and tools to help small businesses customize their website, increase conversions, boost customer engagement, and drive sales. 

It provides capabilities such as social feeds, popups, forms, galleries, testimonials, sliders, counters, fonts, maps, chats, and more. POWR plugins work seamlessly with any WordPress theme. They can be installed with just a few clicks and require no coding expertise. POWR provides 24/7 support on all its products.

Deal: 30% off any plugin 

50% off top sales plugins


ThemeSelection provides professional, fully coded UI kits, templates, and themes to help developers and agencies build high-quality web and mobile apps faster. It offers 100+ modular, customizable admin dashboard templates for Bootstrap, ASP.NET, React, Vue, Django, Laravel, and more. 

The library contains different types of templates suitable for building SaaS, crypto, project management, ecommerce, or network admin panels. The easily editable templates facilitate cutting development and design time significantly.

Deal: 30% off sitewide

Coupon Code: CW30OFF


Internxt is an innovative cloud storage platform focused on complete data privacy and security. It offers end-to-end encrypted and decentralized file storage, transfer and collaboration capabilities through its services.

Core features include ultra-secure drives and photo storage, encrypted large file transfers and email encryption. Internxt leverages bleeding-edge technologies like decentralization, blockchain ecosystems and zero-knowledge encryption to enable anonymous, confidential data control.

Deal: 90% off annual plans

Email Marketing Tools


Bouncer provides powerful email verification and deliverability capabilities to ensure maximum inbox placement. Its key features include mailbox validation, real-time bounce and blocking monitoring, forensic analysis, inbox placement testing, and more. 

Bouncer detects invalid and risky addresses pre-send to clean lists. It also offers granular campaign reports, spam testing, authentication setup, and expert deliverability advice. Leading ESPs rely on Bouncer's APIs to improve email quality and performance. It improves email ROI significantly.

Deal: 40% extra free email verification credits

Validity: Limited time


MySignature is an intuitive email signature marketing platform built for small businesses and solopreneurs. It makes it easy to create professional, branded email signatures; add dynamic content, CTAs, and track performance.

MySignature provides eye-catching templates, an image editor, and logo creator to design effective signatures. Users can showcase their brand story, promote offers, and drive traffic or leads. The software seamlessly works across all major email clients and devices while ensuring brand consistency.

Deal: 50% off annual plans for first payment

Coupon Code: BF2023MS 


Omnisend is an ecommerce-focused email and SMS marketing automation platform. It empowers online stores to design and execute effective campaigns that drive repeat purchases and long-term loyalty. 

Key features include powerful segmentation, behavioral triggers, omnichannel journeys, product recommendations, advanced analytics, drag-and-drop designer, SMS marketing, and integrations with top shopping carts. It's an affordable, easy-to-use platform tailored for direct-to-consumer brands.

Deal: 30% off for first 3 months

Coupon Code: BFCM2022 

Sales Enablement Tools  


Consolto is an all-in-one customer communication platform to book and host virtual consultations. Its key capabilities include video meetings, real-time chat, and secure payment links to offer a smooth client onboarding experience.

Consolto enables creating branded meeting rooms, customizable forms to capture leads, and schedules using its easy booking system. The platform streamlines managing consultations for sales teams, support centers, coaches, and more. It integrates smoothly with popular business systems.

Deal: 50% off annual plans for first year


MojoAuth offers a smart passwordless authentication solution for secure and hassle-free login experiences. It replaces passwords with one-time passcodes (via email, SMS), magic links, QR codes, biometrics and hardware keys for a seamless, highly secure sign-in process.

MojoAuth works seamlessly across websites, mobiles apps, and devices. It enables quick, passwordless authentication within minutes using its easy web and mobile SDKs. Companies can drastically reduce login failures and account security risks.

Deal: 50% off all annual plans  

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022


IdeaBuddy is an end-to-end business planning platform that guides users through building a solid foundation for startup ideas and creating an actionable business plan.

Its step-by-step process covers assessing the idea, conducting market research, formulating strategies, performing financial planning, designing business model canvases, and more. IdeaBuddy provides useful templates, samples, tips and expert knowledge throughout the planning journey.

Deal: 50% off annual and lifetime plans

Coupon Code: FRIDAY2023


Klenty is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that enables teams to automate hyper-personalized, omnichannel outreach campaigns to generate more qualified leads. 

It offers capabilities like multi-channel communication, email/linkedin sequences, AI content suggestions, read receipts, outbound/inbound email management, productivity/performance analytics, cadence optimization and CRM integrations. 

Klenty drives higher connection and conversion rates through context-aware, human-like outreach at scale.

Deal: 25% off annual plans

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022  

Lead Generation Tools


CallPage is an innovative website lead generation solution that helps capturemore promising leads instantly. It allows adding a smart callback button on websites enabling visitors to request a call with just one click.

CallPage automatically tracks call performance - including recordings and insights into lead quality. Its real-time call routing system connects high-intent prospects to the right agents or teams using customizable rules and schedules. It significantly boosts lead conversion rates.

Deal: Up to 40% off


Booknetic is an easy-to-use online appointment scheduling and booking software for small businesses. It provides an end-to-end automated solution to manage appointments seamlessly and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Salient features include service provider profiles, online calendar, customizable booking pages, client notifications, payment handling, attendance management, and performance analytics. Booknetic integrates smoothly with popular platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Google Calendar.

Deal: 50% off lifetime plans  


Planly is an intuitive social media management platform that simplifies planning, scheduling, publishing, and collaborating - saving hours in social media management. 

It offers a smart Visual Calendar with bulk scheduling capabilities, 30+ post templates, unlimited social accounts, RSS feed publishing, team member roles, approvals, post recycling, and analytics. Planly supports management of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest natively.

Deal: 75% off monthly plans, 50% off annual plans


Advensure offers a booking management software designed specifically for tour operators. It provides tools to create customizable booking sites to promote and sell various tours, activities, and packages online.  

Other features include flexible pricing options, coupon codes, discount management, booking/enquiry management, reservation tracking, and more. The solution also offers useful add-ons like payment gateways, channel managers, and B2B booking modules.

Deal: 30% off

Coupon Code: BFCM30

Validity: November 14 – November 29, 2022

Project Management Tools


ProofHub is an end-to-end project management and team collaboration platform catering to agile teams. Its key features include real-time discussions, document collaboration, tasks and milestone management, timesheets, custom workflows, notifications and project reports.

ProofHub offers unlimited storage, users, projects, tasks, and integrations with 4000+ apps like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive to enhance productivity. Users can also control access through advanced account permissions. ProofHub aims to provide an intuitive, people-centric interface.

Deal: $89/month for annual plans or $99/month for monthly plans


nTask is an all-in-one work management platform enabling teams to plan projects, collaborate, track tasks, and complete projects efficiently. Key features include custom Gantt charts, Kanban boards, time tracking, budgeting, real-time communication and reports, meeting management, and more. 

It caters to the needs of individuals, project managers, and organizations with varying visibility controls, priorities, workflows, and advanced reporting suitable for different use cases. nTask aims to provide smart automation and insights to boost productivity.

Deal: 40% off annual plans

Coupon Code: BFCM2022  

Here are more detailed descriptions of the remaining top BFCM deals:


Chisel is an intuitive product management software that makes it easy to plan roadmaps, manage user feedback, and launch successful products. Its key features include roadmapping, release planning, user testing, feature prioritization, customer feedback management, and team collaboration. 

Chisel provides visual reports to align cross-functional teams and share a common vision. It integrates with 1000+ apps enabling teams to eliminate information silos and unify product development. 

Deal: 20% off Premium plan  

Coupon Code: RoadmapHeroes


Clappia is a flexible no-code development platform designed for non-coders to build custom web and mobile apps faster. It provides ready components, templates, and workflows to develop full-fledged apps for automating business operations, replacing manual processes, managing data etc. without programming.

Clappia enables anyone to be a maker allowing teams to collaborate using its built-in editor and project management capabilities. It accelerates building line of business apps, forms, reports, dashboards, etc. saving significant time and resources.

Deal: 50% off annual plans

Coupon Code: BLACKFRD 

Ecommerce Tools


Vouchery is an AI-powered promotion platform built for ecommerce brands to optimize voucher campaigns and lift their promotional ROI. Its personalized recommendation engine provides tailored, timely offers to each user based on their purchase patterns and behaviors using advanced segmentation. 

Vouchery also enables setting up omnichannel promotions through its flexible coupon creation engine and prevents coupon misuse. Brands can achieve much higher conversions and customer lifetime value through targeted, relevant offers.

Deal: Coming soon!

Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is a powerful WooCommerce extension designed to help stores seamlessly manage B2B wholesale orders, pricing, and operations. Its key features include creating wholesale customer groups, automated tiered pricing, order forms, minimum quantity-based discounts, separate wholesale catalogs and more.

Wholesale Suite provides advanced controls and automation to simplify wholesale order management eliminating manual work and errors. It helps retailers of all sizes to easily run an efficient wholesale channel beside regular ecommerce.

Deal: 60% off all tools and bundles 

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is a feature-packed WooCommerce plugin offering advanced coupon management capabilities beyond what WooCommerce natively provides. Key features include cart-based coupons, BOGO (buy-one-get-one) discounts, free shipping coupons, first order coupons, role-based coupons, coupon stacking and more.

Businesses can create flexible, feature-rich promotional campaigns like percentage discounts, dollar discounts, free gifts, repeat customer offers etc. without coding. It's a powerful tool to incentivize customers and increase sales.

Deal: Up to 70% off


Flycart is a smart order bump and upsell solution for WooCommerce stores to maximize sales. It helps present targeted, contextual offers to customers based on purchase history or cart contents. For example, shoppers who purchase a mobile phone can be offered a discounted screen guard or cover.

Flycart provides a drag-and-drop interface to create/manage offers without coding. It uses advanced behavior tracking and custom conditions to display the most relevant offers. The tool has helped ecommerce stores worldwide boost revenue by 5-15%.


Deal: 30% off automatically applied at checkout

Team Collaboration Tools

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a business messaging platform with powerful communication and collaboration features for workplace productivity. It offers team chat, HD video/audio conferencing, screen sharing, channels/groups, tasks management, bots integrations, enhanced security, and more in one place. 

Troop Messenger enables organizations to streamline communications between employees, teams and customers. It provides a unified platform for messaging, meetings, and getting work done. The solution can be self-hosted on company servers also.

Deal: 60% off Enterprise plan for first year 


Chanty is an intuitive team chat platform for workplace communication combining easy-to-use text chat, audio/video calling, screen sharing, and task management. Its unlimited message history, secure cloud storage, rich integrations with business apps, and unlimited guests make it a great choice for teams.

Chanty aims to provide high-quality connections and eliminates distractions from work through features like snooze conversations, reminders, @mentions notifications, etc. It offers competitive pricing suitable for teams of all sizes and free forever plans for small teams. 

Deal: 50% off annual plans, 30% off monthly plans + 1 month free 


DeskTime is an advanced time and productivity tracking software designed for businesses. It offers powerful automatic monitoring capabilities like URL/app tracking, productivity metrics, offline tracking, etc. to provide insights into time use and employee productivity.  

Other useful features include attendance management, custom reports, daily schedules, reminders, integrations, gain insights into productivity benchmarks across individuals, projects, and the organization.

Deal: 3 months subscription at 75% off or 1-year subscription at 70% off

Coupon Code: BLK22m (for 3 months) or BLK22y (for 1 year)  


ShiftApp offers an easy employee scheduling and attendance management solution tailored for labor-driven businesses. It provides intuitive shift planning with drag-and-drop calendars, shift automation, demand forecasting, shift notifications, customizable views, overtime and time-off tracking, and more.

Managers can use ShiftApp to easily create accurate schedules optimized for labor needs and budgets. Employees can view schedules, swap shifts, make time-off requests directly. It eliminates all the complexity of shift management.

Deal: 77% off for 7 months on all plans

Document Management Tools


PDFLiner is a robust document management platform with a wide range of PDF tools for individuals and teams. Its key capabilities include converting over 300 file formats to PDFs, customizing PDFs with its editor, electronic signatures, annotations, encryption, password protection, cloud storage for documents and more.

PDFLiner aims to provide an all-in-one solution for managing documents, standardizing workflows, and enabling collaboration for document-driven businesses. It offers affordable plans suitable for varying use cases.

Deal: 40% off all plans  

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY22


StoryXpress is an intuitive video content creation and management platform enabling anyone to make compelling videos online in minutes. Key capabilities include a multi-scene video composer with 2000+ premade assets, collaboration, custom branding, interactive elements, animation effects, hosting and analytics.

StoryXpress caters to businesses of all sizes helping them produce videos for marketing, sales, HR and other use cases efficiently at scale. Its templatized DIY approach requires no complex editing. Users can make 20+ videos using 30+ scenes per month.

Deal 1: 40% off annual business plans

Coupon Code: BFCMBUSA40

Deal 2: 30% off annual personal plans  

Coupon Code: BFCMINDA30


Restream is a live streaming platform that enables broadcasting to 30+ social media platforms directly from its intuitive dashboard. Users can easily schedule events, go live, invite others to stream, add overlays/lower-thirds, monitor engagement, download videos, and more. 

Restream increases reach and saves time by allowing streaming across multiple channels concurrently. It offers robust production capabilities like switching between presenters, pre recorded videos, screen sharing, live chats, analytics and more. 

Deal: 50% off annual plans


Omnify provides a tailored booking and schedule management software solution for fitness, wellness, and training businesses. Its key capabilities include online booking, appointment scheduling, membership management, payment processing, attendance tracking, resource planning, and more. 

Omnify aims to deliver a branded, fast booking experience and automate cumbersome backend management workflows. The software provides valuable insights to optimize staffing, pricing and maximize revenue.

Deal: 40% off annual plans  

Coupon Code: BFCM2022


BoldDesk is a user-friendly, affordable helpdesk software designed for small business providing top-notch customer support experiences usually reserved for large enterprises.  

It offers capabilities like multi-channel help center, automated ticketing, advanced customization, real-time customer collaboration, custom reports, satisfaction surveys, SLA enforcement, community forums, and more. BoldDesk aims to help small teams deliver exceptional support driving customer loyalty.

Deal: 40% off unlimited annual plans

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2022


Desk365 is an advanced, cloud-based helpdesk software featuring omnichannel support, intelligent automation, and customization capabilities tailored for modern, complex customer service needs. 

It offers a unified workspace with shared mailboxes, service portals, knowledge base, community forums, powerful automation workflows, custom ticket fields, custom reports, mobile apps, and more. Desk365 helps maximize agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Deal: 10% off Pro plans

Coupon Code: BF2022

Wrap Up

Take advantage of these incredible software discounts this BFCM to cut costs and set your business up for a successful 2023. With such aggressive discounts from top SaaS companies, BFCM deals are some of the best software savings you'll find all year. Compare options, read reviews, and act fast on the deals that can help drive the most value for your organization.

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